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January 6, 2005
For Immediate Release

RideShare Delaware and Delaware E-ZPass
Share Common Ground

Dover – The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announces the establishment of an official operating partnership between the Transportation Management Association (TMA) and Delaware E-ZPass. The partnership is designed to be a collective effort to educate employers and their employees about transportation alternatives like carpooling, and the use of E-ZPass to reduce traffic congestion, improve mobility and air quality.

The RideShare Delaware program, which is administered by the TMA for DART First State, is a viable transportation option with proven results among dozens of major businesses in the state, and the Delaware E-ZPass program currently has 87,000 accounts. Both programs reach out to the business community and individuals to promote high-tech applications that will help increase the efficiency of Delaware’s roadways by reducing traffic volume at times of critical demand.

PJ Wilkins, DelDOT Toll Operations Manager, said, "I am very excited about the partnership between Delaware E-ZPass and the TMA. It will provide numerous opportunities for cross-promotion of quality services. I look forward to a long and successful working relationship."

The partnership will feature Delaware E-ZPass and the TMA teaming up for outreach efforts and visits to businesses and state agencies to promote transportation initiatives. The Delaware E-ZPass exhibit and the TMA RideShare display will be combined during transportation-related events scheduled by TMA. By combining efforts, the need to contact businesses to schedule separate transportation related exhibits is eliminated. And coming together strengthens the extensive marketing efforts of both groups.

About 14 percent of Delaware commuters share a ride to work to gain ridesharing's considerable benefits:

  • Saving money in gas and vehicle maintenance ($500-$2,000 each year).
  • Possibility of lowering insurance rates.
  • Making better use of time while traveling to work: reading, eating, resting or visiting with carpool friends.
  • Helping to clean the air you breathe.
  • Helping reduce traffic congestion.
To learn more about RideShare Delaware visit, or call 1-888-RIDE-MATCH. To sign up for Delaware E-ZPass call 1-888-EZPASSDE or visit

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