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E-ZPass Plus: Options for Non-Use

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If you are an eligible E-ZPass Plus customer, but do NOT want to use your E-ZPass to pay for airport parking, you have several options:

  • Exit the parking lot through a lane marked "Cash/Credit Card Only," and your E-ZPass account will not be charged.
  • Place your E-ZPass tag into your "read prevention bag" and use any lane EXCEPT a lane designated as "E-ZPass Only" to exit. (If you do not have a bag, please advise cashier that you do not want to use E-ZPass to pay for parking.)
  • Pay for your parking at an ExpressPay machine located inside the airport terminals. When you exit through any lane, including an "E-ZPass Only" lane, the system will know that you have already paid and your E-ZPass account will not be charged, provided you have not exceeded the exit time printed on your ExpressPay parking ticket. If you exceed the time, your E-ZPass account will be charged for any remaining balance.
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