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Where To Use E-ZPass

Stop Stopping! E-ZPass is taking more people more places than ever before - nonstop!

Since its beginning in 1993, the E-ZPass Group has grown to 38 agencies with toll facilities in 17 states that operates the extremely successful E-ZPass electronic toll collection program with more states joining every year. E-ZPass enjoys tremendous brand recognition and high levels of customer satisfaction, and is the world leader in toll interoperability, with more than 35 million E-ZPass devices in circulation.

Today, E-ZPass customers can travel from Maine to North Carolina, and west to Illinois, without stopping to pay a toll. Additionally, E-ZPass is now accepted on the Central Florida Expressway (CFX) Authority’s 118-mile toll road network in Metro Orlando.

In Delaware, you can use your E-ZPass on State Route 1 (including our express lanes which collect your toll while you travel at the posted highway speed), I-95 and our newest roll toad, U.S. Route 301 (opening January 2019). Some facilities, including State Route 1 and U.S. Route 301 in Delaware, offer a frequent user discount to Delaware E-ZPass customers. So join E-ZPass and start saving - time and money.

States within the E-ZPass Network
States without Electronic Toll Collection
States outside the E-ZPass Network
Please Note: States outside the E-ZPass Network are not connected in any way with the E-ZPass Netowrk. E-ZPass transponders will not work in those states, nor will those states' transponders work in states within the E-ZPass Network.

States using the E-ZPass Program

For a list of toll roads, bridges and tunnels in states that offer E-ZPass, Click on a state for links and information.

E-ZPass transponders may be used at any toll facility displaying e-zpass icon

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