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Customer Service

One-Stop Convenience for All Your E-ZPass Needs

E-ZPass Customer Service

Times change, and so do the circumstances in your life. That's why Delaware E-ZPass is committed to provide you with all the information, services, and products you need at our Service Center.

Delaware's E-ZPass Service Center is dedicated to exceptional customer service.

Whether you purchase a new car, move, wish to change your E-ZPass account, or simply have questions, you can access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on-line, and receive assistance by phone or in-person at one of our walk in centers. You can also:

  • Make changes to your account (e.g., new vehicle purchase)
  • Change your E-ZPass payment option
  • Request additional E-ZPass transponders
  • Report lost or stolen E-ZPass transponders
  • Replenish your prepaid account balance
  • Receive assistance with E-ZPass transponder installation
  • Request an up-to-date statement of your account
  • Pay or appeal DelDOT Violations

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